Sustainability (Nature) is one of the three pillars of lobe® and runs through the entire value system. Sustainability is a complex topic that requires thinking in shades of grey. We are convinced that there is no one solution to save our planet, but rather that a multitude of factors come into play and a scientific, holistic view of systems is necessary.

Here you can see what points are important to us in our company with regard to sustainability:


We only have vegan and cruelty-free products in our range.

For us, No Nasties does not mean “without chemicals”.
Because let's be honest, we are all made of chemistry. ⚛️
Nevertheless, there are some substances whose production and excessive use can potentially harm the environment, humans or animals. These should be avoided (at least in large quantities). That is why we do not use the following in our products:

❌ Perfumes/fragrances ❌ Silicones ❌ Parabens ❌ Microplastics ❌ Mineral oils ❌ Animal ingredients ❌ Nanoparticles ❌ Paraffins ❌ Monohydric alcohols ❌
Essential Oils ❌ Phenoxyethanol

Sustainable packaging

Our containers are made from 100% recycled PET and are therefore part of the circular economy we strive for. Finding sustainable packaging solutions is not easy.

Recycled PET has the advantage that it saves CO2 during transport due to its significantly lower weight compared to glass.

We also use eco-certified paper and organic cotton for additional materials.


From the beginning it was clear that lobe® would be a socially committed and environmentally active company.

We stand firmly by our humanistic, social and environmental values.

That’s why every year we donate 1.5% of our turnover to a project selected by the community.

Our focus topics include environmental projects as well as support for human rights and animal welfare initiatives.

Made in Germany

We produce entirely in Germany.

In order to keep delivery routes and thus CO2 emissions and environmental pollution caused by transport as low as possible and to make working conditions as fair as possible, the entire supply chain of lobe® products is located in Germany.

From the procurement of raw materials to packaging materials and production - all company processes take place exclusively in Germany.

The raw materials themselves mostly come from Germany and Europe.

More about the lobe values

You still haven't had enough? Sustainability is lobe®'s most important cross-company value. In addition to sustainability, social issues and a scientific focus are at the forefront.