Developed by a passionate chemist 👩‍🔬 , the brand lobe® has made it its mission to make science-based cosmetics sustainable 🌱 .

The products are the result of years of research and development 🔬 to find the best ingredients and formulas that care for as many skin types as possible and protect them from environmental influences .

The extremolyte technology behind the products is based on molecules that have been researched for decades, the extremolytes, which in nature help plants and other organisms to survive under extreme environmental conditions (heat, drought, extreme pH values, such as in salt lakes). These active superheroes do the same on your skin and protect it from radiation (UV, blue light, etc.) and environmental pollution (anti-pollution protection) . They supply your skin with moisture and stimulate the skin's biochemical processes to slow down the aging process .

With lobe® beauty products, you can consume high-quality , sustainable and aesthetic products that will make your skin glow with a clear conscience. With its unique beauty products , lobe® will give you a very special me-time 🧖‍♀️ in the bathroom.