Hiya 👋

I am Madlin, 28 years old and the founder of lobe® .

Lobe® is my heart project : it combines my passions for chemistry, environment, and aesthetics .⚗️🌿💄

For as long as I can remember, I have loved animals, people and the environment. 🌿🧑‍🤝‍🧑 🐕 When I reached puberty, the next passion (the word fits well because there was also a bit of "suffering" involved) came along: skincare and makeup .

I suffered from severe acne and the search for products that would help was in vain . So I started using makeup to conceal the blemishes on my skin. Of course, this didn't improve the condition of my skin, but it did make me want to:

Your own cosmetics brand that should make everything better. Combining functionality and consciousness . Finally a brand you can trust. No animal testing , no toxins , no unethical working conditions and no advertising that tells you you're not beautiful enough.

After graduating from high school in 2014, I studied industrial chemistry in Düsseldorf with this goal in mind and worked in the chemical industry for a few years before I dared to become self-employed. 🌝

Since November 2022, I have been working intensively on the development of highly effective skin care products that are not only scientifically based , but also take into account all framework conditions for sustainability and social responsibility .

I want to bring transparency to the opaque beauty industry through science and honesty and give as many people as possible access to effective skin care through moderate pricing and inclusive marketing .