Core Values

1) Consumer minimalism:

Our credo:

As many active ingredients as possible in as few products as possible.

Do you have 10 different serums in your bathroom? Your vitamin C serum is already turning brown, the hyaluronic serum has been open for months, but you still need something with niacinamide.

Which skincare junkie doesn’t know this situation?

Because we believe in minimal consumption , we have processed the best researched and most important ingredients of modern cosmetic science into just four products .

You won't get a serum from us that contains just one active ingredient, but a multitude. Active ingredients are combined with synergistic effects. A concentrated load of lobe® power. 💪🏻

This way you save money, time and packaging waste and can use up your products in time before their expiration date.

2) Climate & social responsibility:

Become part of the lobe® movement to create a change in the world . lobe® dreams of a world in which the economy takes responsibility and economic success goes hand in hand with environmental, human and animal protection.

That's why we donate from the beginning, at the end of each year, to a social or climate cause of your choice. The community can of course have a say here!

Every lobe® product you purchase contributes 1.5% .

3) Our three pillars:

So our brand is based on three pillars: Science, Nature & Beauty . We believe that the combination of these three elements is the key to radiant skin, an intact wallet and a healthy earth.🌏

Science - for us means that the products are at the highest scientific level and therefore offer real added value for you.

Nature - for us means that we do everything in our power to make ethical consumption of cosmetics possible for you.

Beauty - for us, it means you. You with all your facets, whether with or without makeup, angry, sad or happy. You are unique. Just because you are "you", you are beautiful and wonderful.

lobe® products are for EVERYONE - no matter the gender, ethnicity, size or origin .

Love your unique beauty.