Perfect protection for your skin

We are the first skincare brand to specialize in Extremolytes .

Thanks to their activating and protective properties, extremophilic molecules of natural origin are gradually conquering the cosmetics industry.

Their ability to adapt to extreme environmental conditions makes them incomparably valuable active ingredients for skin care in times of climate change.

lobe® products combine extremolytes with well-known active ingredients from cosmetic science in a unique way.

See for yourself the combination of science and sustainability! 🧪🌿

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Founder’s Promise

As a chemist, my priority is to develop cosmetic products that offer real added value to the already flooded cosmetics market.

The effectiveness of the products is therefore the top priority. That is why I work with active ingredients that have been sufficiently studied and have been investigated for decades.

New trends can be great, but science is better.🧪

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